Start. Stop. Continue.

Today was my last day as PYP Coordinator so now that that chapter has ended (paused?) I’m able to begin to think about moving back into the classroom.

I haven’t been in the classroom for two years and a lot has happened in that time. I discovered blogs for the first time. I joined Twitter. I participated in many PYP workshops. I have done lots of my own professional learning and facilitated others’ professional learning. I’ve been in classrooms and planning sessions from Pre-K to Grade 5 and for every single-subject. I started my Masters of Education.

All of these experiences have re-shaped the way I understand teaching and learning and have completely changed who I am as an educator. It is for this reason that I have chosen to go back in the classroom and try my hand at being a PYP teacher again.

In short – I want a do-over!

This upcoming school year there are many new things I want to try, old things I want to try to let go of and a few things from my previous life as a teacher that I will likely continue.  Here is what I’m envisioning:




I know this seems like a lofty set of goals and I know there will be bumps, stumbles and reality-checks along the way, but that is all part of why I wanted to go back into the classroom in the first place! I’m committed to being the type of risk-taker I hope my students become.

I also know that before I’m ready to try any of this,  I need to first be an inquirer and dive deeper into understanding the why and how behind the whats on this dream-list.

So, on that note… let my summer professional learning begin!

Wish me luck!